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Ending A Marriage With A Borderline Personality Disorder


For Texans facing divorce after a marriage to someone with borderline personality disorder, the task can be complicated and emotionally taxing. The confusion of understanding these conditions, engaging in the legal process, and navigating long-term effects are all daunting prospects. In this blog post, we will provide comprehensive information on divorcing someone with BPD from …

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Sole Custody In Texas

Sole Custody In Texas

How To Get Full Custody Of A Child In Texas Full Custody In Texas Most divorces are not easy for both parties especially if the emotions are running high and there is an adversarial relationship involved. Sometimes in a contentious divorce, one party may fear that the other party may not be able to be …

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Men’s Rights Attorney – Fathers & Divorce

divorce lawyer for fathers

Houston Divorce Lawyer for Men If you are going through a divorce, you must hire a good divorce attorney who understands men’s perspectives. Our attorneys can provide straightforward answers to your questions. Having the right divorce attorney for men’s rights on your side can help you relax during this trying time. Given the gravity of …

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How To Fight Parental Alienation

how to prove parental alienation in court

What You Can Do About Parental Alienation Parental Alienation Definition After divorce a parent may manipulate a child to fear, disrespect or show hostility towards the other parent. However, a child can develop these feelings without being manipulated in any way. Manipulating a child to dislike the other parent or denying the other parent access …

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Men And The Emotional Stages Of Divorce

man emotional after divorce

Men And The Emotional Stages Of Divorce Men may have more to lose in a divorce in terms of health and happiness according to Psychology Today.  Women are actually more likely to ask for divorce than men according to the American Sociological Association. For this reason, most men are often caught unprepared when their spouses …

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Divorce and the Texas Morality Clause

Divorce and Texas Morality Clause to Prevent Sleepovers

A morality clause basically prohibits a parent from allowing someone they are dating or in a romantic relationship with from staying overnight if the parent has children. Using the Morality Clause to Prevent Sleepovers People in the process of a divorce or that have just had their divorce finalized are the ones that often seek …

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How to Get Emancipated in Texas

In Texas, teenagers from the age of 16 and over can become emancipated after a request to a court. Normally, it is expected that parents should look after their children until they are at least 18 years of age. Parents also have the rights to a child permission to live with another adult like a …

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Can My Wife Move Out Before The Divorce is Final?

Wife Who Moved Out Before the Divorce Was Finalized

Sometimes when a divorce is pending the wife may decide to move out. While there are many reasons why it would be appropriate for her to move out, it is often not the best decision to do that before a divorce is finalized. Wife Moves out Before Divorce is Final Before moving out of a …

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Can I Sue My Ex for Emotional Distress?

How to sue your ex for emotional distress after a divorce

There is almost nothing more emotionally devastating than finding out that your spouse has committed adultery.  Infidelity breaks the bonds that hold a family together because it is a betrayal of the trust between parents and between parents and their children. Suing Your Ex for Emotional Distress  It’s no wonder that many people get really …

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How Much Does A Houston Divorce Lawyer Cost?

Cost of a Houston Divorce Lawyer

MyHoustonDivorce.Lawyer Family Law Series, Article 1: Houston Divorce Lawyer Cost & Fees Associated With Divorce. Texas Divorce Cost Many couples that want to file for divorce are often worried about how much it will cost to do that.  The truth is that there is no specific cost of divorce because it all depends on a …

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