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Divorce Attorneys in Galveston County

Divorce litigation can become complicated, compounding a divorce’s emotional and stressful strains. You will require assistance if you intend to file dispute litigation, have already filed for divorce in Galveston County, or are the subject of divorce proceedings initiated by the other party. Longworth Law Firm, P.C. is eager to hear your side of the story, represent your interests, educate you on all legal processes, and keep you up to date on all developments in your case.

While our primary goal is to resolve your divorce as quickly as possible, some aspects of divorce litigation are resolved and must be tried to a conclusion. Our experienced trial lawyers are committed to thorough preparation, understanding the complexities of the case, and obtaining a favorable outcome from the court on your behalf.

Our first goal when we meet with you is to allow you to tell us everything about the circumstance and your goals in detail. We’ll ensure you understand the legal process of filing for divorce in Galveston and the mechanisms of the legal strategy we’ll implement on your behalf. If you need to speak with a divorce lawyer in Galveston about your situation, please do not hesitate to contact our firm anytime. All potential clients receive free initial consultations, and individuals and their families who retain our services receive excellent legal representation.

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Divorce in Galveston Texas

While divorce has never been easy, it is the best option for some couples. Our firm assists people in Galveston, Texas, who are going through a divorce. We will assist you in making the process as simple and painless as possible while ensuring that your family law rights are always secured. Property division, child custody, guardianship, child support, and other family law issues are all involved in a divorce. A Galveston divorce lawyer’s skills and experience are required to ensure that this process results in the most favorable outcome possible.

Property Division

Division of marital property can be a complicated and perplexing process. Our Galveston family lawyers have extensive experience managing asset division cases under Texas community property rules. Your divorce might involve the division of your marital property, regardless of how much or how little you have. Except for assets procured through inheritance or as gifts, marital property is property acquired during the marriage. These items, like items owned before the marriage that did not lose value due to your spouse’s involvement during the marriage, are considered separate property.

Visitation & Child Custody

We deal with every aspect of Texas child custody and visitation disputes. Nothing should take priority over your parental rights. Please contact us if you are involved in a child custody dispute in Galveston. If you have kids, your divorce decree will include conservatorship and child custody provisions. It may also include a spousal support order if you or your partner took significant time off from work to care for your home and your children.

Protective Orders & Domestic Violence

Domestic violence cases are handled in all aspects. Our Galveston County domestic violence lawyers have the skills and legal knowledge to serve you, from protective orders to any resulting criminal charges.

Marital Agreements

Our family law attorneys in Galveston have extensive experience negotiating, drafting, and evaluating marital agreements. We can assist you in creating the agreement that is ideal for your complex family needs, including prenups and postnups.