Family Law Series

Can I Sue My Ex for Emotional Distress?

How to sue your ex for emotional distress after a divorce

There is almost nothing more emotionally devastating than finding out that your spouse has committed adultery.  Infidelity breaks the bonds that hold a family together because it is a betrayal of the trust between parents and between parents and their children. Suing Your Ex for Emotional Distress  It’s no wonder that many people get really …

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How Much Does A Houston Divorce Lawyer Cost?

Cost of a Houston Divorce Lawyer

MyHoustonDivorce.Lawyer Family Law Series, Article 1: Houston Divorce Lawyer Cost & Fees Associated With Divorce. Texas Divorce Cost Many couples that want to file for divorce are often worried about how much it will cost to do that.  The truth is that there is no specific cost of divorce because it all depends on a …

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