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A Divorce Lawyer For Dads

divorce lawyer for fathersThere are certain challenges that are often faced by fathers during divorce such as being denied equal opportunity for child custody.

There is often this assumption that mothers have more of a right to access their children than fathers during divorce (see also…parental alienation).

That assumption is not based on facts because fathers have the same rights and duties that mothers have over a child. An experienced family law attorney can help protect your rights in a divorce on the following issues:

  • Child custody & child support 
  • Property division
  • Post marital agreements
  • Prenuptial agreements
  • Alimony and spousal support and more

Why You Need A Father’s Rights Attorney

Your attorney can help you pursue child visitation and other child custody rights because the attorney understands what is required in such cases. Despite the fact that child support guidelines exist, a court may be convinced to deviate from those guidelines in certain situations. An attorney can help you get the best possible results even if the court deviates from set guidelines of child support or other family law cases. 

A men’s rights attorney can also help you negotiate a parenting agreement involving child support and visitation schedule with your ex-spouse. This agreement also includes sections on health care, education and mental and physical health of the child. You need an agreement that allows you to share responsibilities related to the child equally with your ex. An attorney can make sure that every section in the agreement will not affect you negatively in the future after the agreement is signed and approved. 

How Fathers Prepare For A Child Custody Battle

You will need an experienced father’s rights attorney to represent you in such a case. This lawyer will help you write down a list of all things you know about your child such as their best friends, movies they like, favorite cartoons and so on.

Judges often pay attention to such details to determine if a father was involved in their child’s life before prior to the divorce. Do not confide in your child about frustrations from the divorce, and do not write about the issue on social media.

Where To Get Resources About Fathers Rights

If you want to know more about father’s rights, you can get that information from a number of organizations.  These include:

  • Houston Divorce Lawyer for Men
  • The American Coalition for Fathers and Children: It is an organization dedicated to creation of family law system and public awareness which promotes equal rights for all parties affected by issues of the modern family. It has a lot of resources on shared parenting for the benefit of the child.
  • National Parents Organization: Focuses on promoting shared parenting where each parent has equal standing raising their children after separation or divorce.  The organization believes that a child should develop a strong bond with both parents even after divorce. 
  • Children’s Rights Council:  Works to ensure that children continue meaningful interactions with both parents regardless of their parent’s marital status. The organization works to strengthen families
  • Men and The Emotional Stages of Divorce

You can also consult a resourceful father’s rights attorney to tell you about your rights as a father in family law matters.