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How Can I Get Sole Custody in Texas

How to Get Sole Custody in Texas

MyHoustonDivorce.Lawyer Article 2, Child Custody Series, How to Get Sole Custody of Child in Texas. Sole Child Custody in Texas There is no such thing as sole child custody in Texas. In states where sole child custody exists, the person who gets sole custody rights has the right to establish the primary residence of the …

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What Is A Sole Managing Conservator?

Divorcing parents in Texas are more likely to be named joint managing conservators than one of them being designated as the sole managing conservator. Joint Managing Conservators vs Sole Managing Conservator There is a presumption that declaring both parents as joint managing conservators is in the best interest of the child. However, there are times …

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Texas Child Custody Laws

texas child custody laws in a divorce

Article 1 in the Child Custody Series, Contact a Houston Child Custody Lawyer at MyHoustonDivorce.Lawyer Child Custody Laws in Texas Child Custody Attorney – Houston You need to acquaint yourself with child custody laws in Texas if you have gone through a divorce where minor children are involved. The whole process of getting child custody …

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