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Legal Experience

While in law school, Daryl Longworth maintained his full-time job with the Houston Police Department, and also worked part-time as a clerk at Holmes, Diggs Eames, & Puhl. As a law clerk, Daryl gained valuable experience in family law. After admission to the State Bar of Texas in 2010, he joined the Fullenweider Wilhite law firm as an associate attorney. He assisted the senior attorneys and other attorneys in preparation for trial; law research; and legal journal article writing.

In 2011 Daryl opened The Longworth Law Firm in Texas. His main focus remains family law although his practice also includes DWI.

Certified Ad Litem

Daryl is a certified ad litem in Harris and Fort Bend counties and he represents children in crisis situations. While most of Mr. Longworth’s divorce cases are in Harris County / Houston, he serves clients in Richmond, Rosenberg, Sugar Land, Katy, and Cypress as well.

Substitute Judge

Mr. Longworth is also honored to work as a substitute judge in the Harris County Juvenile Courts, as needed. When Daryl is not working, he enjoys playing golf and tennis and spending time with his wife and four children. He also enjoys volunteering his time at church.

Family Law Reviews

Dustin Sanchez
Local Guide・47 reviews
I went to law school with Houston Divorce Lawyer Daryl Longworth. I will recommend him to friends and family who are in need of a compassionate family law attorney because I know him well from our time together at the University of Houston Law Center, and he has always shown himself to be trust-worthy, compassionate, and highly responsive. I also admire his time as a law enforcement officer and I have seen that lawyers who have a strong history of public service tend to make excellent advocates for their clients. I always tell people that when you are looking for an attorney, you have to find 2 things: (1) somebody who actually cares about you, and (2) somebody who actually knows what they are doing. I believe that Attorney Longworth possesses both of these qualities and this is why I tend to refer family law clients to him. –

Adoption & Child Custody

Jay Bostick
5 reviews
Daryl was the ad litem attorney on one of our foster children’s cases. He did such a great job that a) we were able to adopt that child and b) when we adopted our second child, we personally hired him to represent us. Having worked with several Family Law attorneys over the years, I can tell you – no one cares or is as invested as Daryl is. To say he goes above and beyond to do what’s right and fight for his clients is an understatement. I am a big believer that we have the family today that we have, in part due to Daryl’s hard work and diligence. –

Divorce Mediator Reviews

Raychel Johnson
5 reviews
Daryl is an amazing attorney and awesome mediator! If you are looking for someone who can mediate to settlement, look no further! He has settled some of my toughest.

Local Attorney Review

Sara Atkins
Local Guide・11 reviews
Daryl is a true professional and truly a good person! Highly recommend.

Adoption Lawyer Review

Scott Hailey
2 reviews
All of my interactions with Mr. Longworth and his employees have been nothing short of charming and professional. His firm represented our foster daughter through her tenure in care, and we were so pleased with his performance we asked for him to represent us for her adoption. –

Military Divorce Review

Eileen Alexander
2 reviews
Daryl assisted me with a complex matter several years ago. Not only did he have to deal with the typical issues regarding my former marriage, he had to handle the intricacies in dealing with the federal government to ensure I received my rightful share of my ex-husband’s military retirement pay. Daryl took care of my problem with grace, tenacity, and compassion for me. I highly recommend the Longworth Law Firm. –

Peer Reviews

Heather Wagner
1 review
I’ve known Daryl Longworth for approximately 27 years and have known him through his ascent to Lieutenant with the Houston Police Department and as a lawyer with the Longworth Law Firm. As a fellow legal practitioner, I refer any and all of my family law cases to Mr. Longworth as I find him to be brilliant at what he does in such a delicate area of practice. My clients and friends that have hired him or merely consulted with him have been more than happy with the results and his expertise. –

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Divorce Lawyer Questions

Should I tell my divorce lawyer everything?

First, you should establish an attorney-client relationship with your lawyer. This relationship affords you certain privileges wherein your communications are protected legally. Once that is complete, then it is prudent for you to share as much information with your attorney as is necessary for your lawyer zealously advocate on your behalf. In as much as an issue is relevant to your specific legal case, this info is typically shared with your attorney.

Do you offer divorce payment plans?

There are many divorce lawyers that do payment plans. Our family law firm would prefer to hear the specifics of your case before we are able to quote you a price. It often happens that a typical family law client in Houston believes their case will go a certain way, only to find out that they were a bit off in their estimation of how things would turn out. Even the most simple Texas divorce lawsuits will contain separate and community property issues, child support obligations, child visitation & custody agreements, and other issues that may not come up until the case starts to proceed. This is why it is best to have a quick consultation, over the phone or in person, with your lawyer before a price quote or payment plan, if any, is offered.

How do I find the best Houston divorce lawyer?

The short answer is look for recommendations. Recommendations from previous paying clients should be given the most credit. Most important, is to work with an attorney who genuinely cares about you and the outcome of your case. Some people find that hiring someone who really cares can be more beneficial in certain situations that hiring someone who appears to be more highly reviewed than their peers.

How fast can I get divorced in Texas?

Typically there is a court-mandated 60 day waiting period in Texas. So, the fastest you could get divorced would be on day 61 after filing your divorce papers.

Who pays for the divorce, me, or my spouse?

Typically, this is something that is negotiated for in the divorce process. We find that in many cases, one spouse will bear more of the cost of the divorce than the other. It would be best for you to give us a quick call so we can take a look at your situation and give a more clear answer on this one.