Bellaire, TX Divorce Lawyer

Bellaire, TX Divorce Lawyer

Going through a divorce is so exhausting and frustrating that many people come out of the experience depressed. This is because of the complex litigation process, child custody issues, property division disagreements, and other family law issues. What you need when you are going through a divorce is an experienced Bellaire divorce lawyer who will focus on effective resolution of your divorce. A lawyer with years of experience understands the Texas family law system and will help protect your rights and future. Your lawyer will answer all your questions and help you create an action plan to put your mind at ease.

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A Divorce Lawyer You Can Trust

An experienced divorce lawyer is able to empathize with your situation because the lawyer has dealt with cases similar to yours in the past. Since each divorce case is different, your lawyer can review your case and work with you to create solutions that will work for you. When dividing marital property, your lawyer will work to protect your financial interests at every turn. If there is a child involved in the divorce, your lawyer will help you create a child custody and child support plan that prioritizes the child’s best interests. In case yours is a contested divorce, your divorce lawyer will defend your interests and help you gather evidence that will benefit your side.

Child Custody

Bellaire, TX Divorce LawyerParents often ask whether their child can decide who they wish to live with. Only 12 year olds are allowed to state their interest on such matters, but the judge is not bound by those interests. This is important because it is possible for a parent to manipulate a child. The court also considers parents’ income and their ability to provide a safe and healthy living environment when deciding child custody. The law prioritizes the best interests of the child as far as child custody is concerned.

In Texas, child custody is called conservatorship. The two types of conservatorship are joint custody and sole custody. Judges prefer issuing joint custody orders because that forces the parents to jointly participate in raising the child even after divorce. However, in situations where alcohol abuse, drug abuse, or violence exist in the marriage, only one parent will be named a sole managing conservator while the other will be named a possessory conservator.

Marital Property Division

An experienced Bellaire divorce lawyer will help you navigate division of marital property, debt distribution, and more. Before the property division process begins, all property must be categorized as either separate or community property. Separate property is the property that a party in the marriage owns but the other party is not entitled to half of it.

Community property in a nutshell is any property acquired during the marriage that cannot be categorized as separate property. Parties are entitled to half of any community property. Your lawyer will have to prove that a certain property you own is in fact separate property. An experienced divorce lawyer can also help you with the following property division cases:

  • Real estate and high-asset estates
  • Pension plans
  • Investment interests
  • 401(k)s