Non Custodial Parent Won’t Return Child

Non Custodial Parent Refuses To Return Child In TX

Can A Non Custodial Parent Keep A Child In Texas

Custodial parents spend more time with their children because they have the right to choose the primary residence for their children. The noncustodial parent pays child support and also has visitation rights.  But sometimes the noncustodial parent may totally disregard the terms of custody and visitation arrangement. Get in touch with a trusted lawyer to discuss a non custodial parent that won’t return child.

In a number of cases, it is the child who refuses to return to the custodial parent.

Custodial Parents’ Main Concerns

Non Custodial Kidnapping

While it’s not really rare for children to refuse to return to their custodial parent, most parents do not know how to respond when this happens. Some of the concerns custodial parents have include:

  • The child’s safety: Custodial parents may be concerned that the other parent has kidnapped their child. Call the police if you are concerned about your child’s security
  • Enforcing custody orders: There are solutions you can seek if the noncustodial parent fails to obey custody orders or is uncooperative.
  • Changing custody orders: Naturally you need to modification of custody orders if the noncustodial parent kidnapped your child.

Your family law lawyer can help you protect your custody right and can also assist you with other matters such as 50 50 custody in Texas.

What If The Child Runs Away?

How To Get Child Back From Non Custodial Parent In TX

Non Custodial Parent Won't Return ChildSometimes children run away to the noncustodial parent and refuse to return to their custodial parent. They may do this because they miss their old friends, prefer to spend time with the noncustodial parent, are tired of the rules of the custodial parent, and more. But it’s possible that the child ran away because of abuse from the custodial parent.

But when the child runs away both parents must abide by the custody laws or else face legal consequences. The best solution is to talk to a child custody lawyer so that your child’s rights are protected.

Protect Your Child From Harm

If A Child Moves In With Non Custodial Parent

Divorce is a very emotional roller coaster for most parents and sometimes things may get out of hand.  But you need to protect your child especially if you suspect that the noncustodial parent could attempt to kidnap your child.  You can reduce the chances of this happening by sticking to the custody plan that was ordered by the court and contacting law enforcement authorities if your child does not return when they are supposed to.

Who Gets Child Custody After Divorce?

Child Refuses To Return To Custodial Parent

The possibility of a child refusing to return to a custodial parent says something about how custody is decided in a divorce. The court does not really consider the child’s favorite parent when making this decision but the best interest of the child. Some of the things the court considers include:

  • Age of the child: The court is more likely to award custody to the parent that has been acting as the primary caretaker of the child if the child is between ages 0 to 3. The only exception is if the primary caretaker poses a danger to the child.
  • Roles and responsibilities: A court may base its decision on the roles and responsibilities each parent handled before the divorce. The parent that has been doing most of the heavy lifting as far as taking care of the children is concerned may be awarded custody.

Domestic violence and drug abuse can also influence the court’s decision on who gets to stay with the child.

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