50 50 Custody In Texas

50 50 Custody Schedule In TX

How To Prevent 50 50 Custody

No parent wants to be separated from their children after a divorce. So, naturally many parents want to know whether they can get a 50/50 possession schedule.  But before you take the leap you should figure out whether it will work for you and your ex-spouse, and whether your child will be able to adjust to it.

Most of the time a 50/50 possession can only succeed depending on the reason you and your ex have for the 50/50 possession. Get in touch with an experienced child custody lawyer to get more information regarding 50 50 custody in Texas.

Why Parents Want 50 50 Custody

50 50 Custody Arrangements Texas

Not wanting to pay child support is one of the main reasons a number of parents want a 50/50 arrangement. But the fact that one parent earns more than the other in most situations means that a judge may still require child support payments even if the judge allows a 50/50 possession schedule.

The higher earner is likely to pay child support based on their income. Or the judge may order the parents to pay each other child support.  But if all you want is to participate in decision-making and spend equal time with your child, a 50/50 arrangement may be appropriate for you.

Is Your Child Ready For A 50/50 Possession Schedule?

How To Get 50 50 Custody In Texas

50 50 Custody In TexasIn a divorce case, the judge is more likely to make a decision that is in the best interest of the child affected by the divorce rather than one that favors the parents. So, even if the parents agree that a 50/50 schedule is the right approach the judge may not agree.  Most Texas judges prefer a standard or expanded standard possession schedule because they believe that that serves the best interest of the child.

What A 50/50 Possession Schedule May Look Like

What Is 50 50 Custody In Texas

The most common  50/50 schedules are:

  • Spending a week with each parent and the next week with another for the whole year
  • Parents exchange the child on Thursdays and Sundays and then agree on who spends time with the child on weekdays and weekends
  • The first parent spends 2 days with the child and then the second parent spends the next two days with the child and then the first parent spends time with the child on the weekend. Then the next week the child lives with the second parent first and then spends the next 2 days with the first parent and then the weekend with the second parent.

Concerns About A 50 50 Possession Arrangement

How Does 50 50 Custody Work In TX

Your child may not be able to get into a routine if they are constantly moving back and forth from one parent to the other parent. The child will probably feel like they are being yanked from one environment to the next just when they start getting comfortable. This may stress and unsettle your child.

Another concern is whether the parents can actually implement a 50/50 arrangement. If they live close to each other, it may work. However, if one or both parents work long hours and hardly take time off, then this approach is not ideal.  The judge will definitely inquire about how both parents shared parental responsibilities before the divorce to determine if the 50/50 arrangement is appropriate.

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