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No grandparent is happy when the well-being of their grandchildren is at risk.  Grandparents that believe that their grandchildren are being harmed physically or emotionally by their parents have several legal avenues that they can explore.  Sometimes when grandparents try to prevent the emotional stunting of their grandchildren, the parents deny them access.

Fortunately, you can seek custody of your grandchildren with the help of an experienced grandparents’ rights attorney.  Attorneys that are qualified in this area understand how children are impacted by these harmful conditions and will help you protect them in and out of the court.

Courts Will Consider The Best Interests Of The Child

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Grandparents Rights AttorneyWhen deciding child visitation or child custody matters, courts only consider the best interests of the child.  Courts consider that it is in the best interest of the child for the child to live with their parents. The judge will not be concerned about when you last saw your grandchildren but whether your grandchildren ‘s welfare is protected or not.

So, grandparents need to show the court that their absence in the child’s life has a negative impact on their grandchildren’s emotional development. A grandparent’s rights attorney can help you assert your visitation rights.

Standing Requirements

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Your grandparent’s rights attorney can help you evaluate whether you have standing as a grandparent. Standing means that the grandparents have the right to seek:

  • Managing conservatorship: Seeking this means that you want the same rights that the parents have. That means the right to make mental health, education, religious and medical decisions for your grandchildren. One requirement for this is that you must have “had actual care, control, and possession of the child for at least six months ending not more than 90 days preceding the date of the filing of the petition.”
  • Possession and access: Here you want access rights without the court appointing you as the managing or possessory conservator of your grandchild.  This is possible if at least one of the parents has not had their rights terminated and the grandparents must prove that their lack of access may negatively affect their grandchild’s mental health. Another condition is that the parent of the child must have been incarcerated for a significant amount of time, or a court has declared the parent incompetent or the parent is dead.
  • Possessory conservatorship: You get all the rights of a managing conservator but you cannot file an original suit to be granted possessory conservatorship.  You can only be granted possessory conservatorship by intervening in an ongoing court process where custody is being decided.

How A Grandparents Rights Attorney Can Help

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Grandparents can rely on an experienced grandparents’ rights attorney to help them take the necessary legal steps if they are concerned about their grandchildren’s well-being.  Your attorney can ensure that all the required paperwork is filed appropriately and on time. An experienced grandparent’s rights attorney can also help you compile evidence that may lead a court to grant you possession or visitation with your grandchild.

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