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Military spouses that are thinking about divorce should talk to an experienced Texas military divorce lawyer to help them through the complex process of getting a divorce.  Just like civilian divorce, military divorces are demanding and costly.

Your Lawyer Offers Caring Individualized Service

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You need to be organized during your divorce to avoid it becoming disastrous. Your lawyer can help you understand the steps you need to take and answer all your questions about military divorce. This includes answering questions about military issues such as benefits, relocation, and custody during deployment. Your lawyer can also advise you on property division, paying of marital debts, domestic violence, and more.

Divorce Process In Texas

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Texas Military Divorce LawyerYou can file for divorce whether the other partner wants a divorce or not.  The divorce process is the same for active duty service members and civilians alike, but there are additional requirements to protect service members. You must have lived continuously for six months in Texas and 90 days in the county where you want to file for divorce.

These are called residency requirements.  Service members who fulfill any of the requirements below can file for a military divorce in Texas:

  • The service member meets residency requirements for civilians
  • The primary residence of the service member or their spouse must be in Texas when they are deployed to other places temporarily
  • The service member is stationed temporarily in Texas but the service member’s or spouse’s primary residence is in another state
  • The service member’s permanent residence is in another state but they were deployed temporarily to Texas and then deployed to another place where they are still deployed.

So, you can file for divorce in Texas even if it’s only your spouse that meets the necessary requirements.

Issues A Military Divorce Lawyer Can Help You Navigate

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It can feel extremely demanding to have to go through a divorce while you are in military service, especially if you are deployed to another state or outside the nation.  Your military divorce lawyer can address the following issues to make the process easier:

  • Help you figure out how to handle child custody while you are deployed
  • Discuss protections available for you as a military member
  • Filing of your case in a civilian or military court

A military spouse or a service member needs the services of an experienced military divorce lawyer that understands how a divorce can cause upheaval in your life.

Grounds For Military Divorce

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Some of the legal grounds for military divorce include:

  • Insupportability
  • Adultery
  • Separation lasting three years
  • One year of abandonment
  • Domestic violence
  • Imprisonment for at least one year
  • Confinement in a mental hospital

When you want to divorce because you and your partner are constantly in disagreement, it is referred to as insupportability.

You Need Help From A Texas Military Divorce Lawyer

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It’s not just the disagreements and emotions that make a divorce difficult, you also have to deal with overwhelming demands and legal considerations.  You need a lawyer that understands the unique concerns that military families face during a divorce and is willing to fight for a secure future that you and your children deserve.

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