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Beware of lawyers that promise to any divorce case at a really low cost because they may not deliver.  You should know that the cost of a divorce depends mostly on how long it takes the couple to reach a settlement.  For example, divorces that involve children or properties may cost more than other divorces because it takes time to divide those properties in way that satisfy’s both parties . In addition, depending on the county where you file for divorce the cost for filing can be about $300 if there are children involved or about $250 if there are no children.

Other additional fees include cost of citation or hiring a process server. This means that you cannot have a divorce that only costs $200.

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Ad Litem Attorney Review

Jay Bostick
Daryl was the ad litem attorney on one of our foster children’s cases. He did such a great job that a) we were able to adopt that child and b) when we adopted our second child, we personally hired him to represent us. Having worked with several Family Law attorneys over the years, I can tell you – no one cares or is as invested as Daryl is. To say he goes above and beyond to do what’s right and fight for his clients is an understatement. I am a big believer that we have the family today that we have, in part due to Daryl’s hard work and diligence.

Family Lawyer Review

Lisa Arriaga
Mr. Longworth was a huge blessing to us when dealing with our family matters. He is kind, responsive, honest and so efficient. When handling private, personal family issues a person can feel vulnerable and scared; Mr. Longworth made us feel completely at ease and confident in all matters of our case, from the paperwork to the court appearances. Thank you, Longworth Law Firm.

Family Law Attorney – Katy, Texas

We recommend that you consult with one of our divorce lawyers, no matter how simple you think your divorce may be. We’ve heard too many horror stories from people who tried to file their divorce without an attorney.

Any website that offers a $200 or $500 divorce is probably referring to the cost of the forms that you have to fill out for the divorce.  Once you fill the forms the websites then mail you the form regardless of whether it is Texas specific or not. It is up to you to file the form properly once you receive it. In other words, the websites mailing you forms are suggesting that you can handle the divorce process on your own.

You should only file forms prepared by an attorney or forms put out by the Texas Supreme Court. Even if you decide to file a form from the Texas Supreme Court, you will still need a divorce attorney to guide you on how to fill it.  However, you should know that the forms from the Texas Supreme court do not cover all divorce situations and that is why a form prepared by your attorney is important. An experienced divorce attorney will make it easier for you to maneuver through the divorce process.

Is a cheap divorce possible?

Your divorce can be cheap if it is an uncontested divorce. In an uncontested divorce, the spouses agree on all terms and also agree to sign divorce papers.  This type of divorce is cheaper than a contested divorce because there are fewer forms to complete and divorce filing fees are lower. However, in Texas, couples with children under age 18 are not allowed to have an uncontested divorce.  A better alternative for a cheaper divorce is you and your spouse deciding to cooperate during the divorce process. Arguments about child support, conservatorship and division of properties can make the divorce process longer and more expensive.

Basics for Texas Divorce

To file for a divorce you or your spouse must have been a resident of the state of Texas for at least six months prior to filing for divorce. Furthermore, you must have lived or resided in the county where you filed for 90 days prior to filing. If you have been living outside of the Texas or in another country, you can still file for divorce in the county in Texas where your spouse lives. But this can only happen if your spouse has been living in Texas for the past six months.  Get an experienced lawyer that will listen to your goals and create a strategy to help you achieve those goals during the divorce process.