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People who want to adopt children from countries outside of the United States can hire an experienced international adoption lawyer to help make the process easier.

Your Lawyer Understands The Rules

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International Adoption LawyerYou have to follow certain rules and regulations for your adoption to be valid. Even if you follow all the rules, you still have to get an immigrant visa for the child you have adopted. After the child gets into the USA, they will be granted citizenship.

You should also consider the Hague Convention for International Adoptions rules to have a successful adoption. These rules were designed to stop child abduction and trafficking.  Your International adoption lawyer will ensure that every rule is followed because even breaking one rule could derail the whole adoption process.

Other Types Of Adoption In Texas

International Adoption Law

Adoption involves a person choosing to accept another person’s child legally with the aim of raising that child as their own child just as they would their biological child.  Other types of adoptions include:

  • State adoption: They are often through the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS) or Child Protective Services. These agencies can work with prospective adoptive parents to adopt children that were removed from their homes because of high-risk situations.
  • Private adoptions: This involves the biological parent or family selecting the adoptive parents. The adoption has to be done through an adoption agency. This option is for newborns, older kids, and children with special needs.
  • Step-Parent Adoption: Relatives and step-parents use this option to adopt children. Usually, the child already has a relationship with the adoptive parent. But the parental rights of the other birth parent must be terminated.
  • Adult adoption:  This is often utilized to make it possible for people to inherit property or possessions from their adoptive parent’s estate.  The adult in most cases was probably raised by the adoptive parent and the adoption is just a way to formalize the relationship the adult had with their step-parent.

What Is The Texas International Adoption Process?

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Countries that are signatories of The Hague Adoption Convention have different adoption processes compared to those that are not signatories. The international adoption process in Texas involves the following steps:

  • Choosing a country: You have to pick the country where you want to adopt from considering the current political climate, national adoption laws, travel bans, and more.  Other factors you may need to consider include race and cultural heritage, the country’s adoption requirements, international adoption costs, and more.
  • Find the right International adoption professional: A Hague accredited international agency may be the right pick to help complete adoptions.
  • International Adoption Home Study: A home study professional approved by your adoption agency may come to screen your home and life as a possible adoptive parent.
  • Eligibility for adoption: You have to file Form 1-800A together alongside other documents with the USCIS adoption authorities to determine whether you are eligible.
  • Eligibility of the child:  A child must be eligible for adoption for your adoption process to be successful.
  • Travel Visas: You will be granted a Visa for the child if you have fulfilled all the adoption requirements

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